Rhodri Thomas. Who doesn’t know him yet? Probably no one has ever won that many “best young dentist” awards, and his parents must be among the proudest parents out there. Also his patients are blessed, because Rhodri delivers beautiful composite restorations, ceramics, and even dentures! Besides dentistry, he also makes art on canvas and he has some amazing prints for sale. Of course we are happy to have him in this podcast! Enjoy!

PODCAST 25: RHODRI THOMAS2021-08-11T09:43:08+02:00


Giuseppe Romeo is a dental technician, has his own laboratory in Turino (Italy), and is a member of the renowned Oral Design group. Besides this honorable achievement, he has a Masters Degree from the University of Geneva in Esthetic Prosthodontics. In our podcast, he will discuss the important role that his masters (Michel Magne and others) have played in his career. Find out what he considers to be the most important factors to create a successful team with both the dental technician and the dentist!

PODCAST 24: GIUSEPPE ROMEO2021-08-11T09:43:17+02:00

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